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Tradition & innovation

RG Civil Engineering is a technological company that aims to promote innovation in the civil engineering, energy and infrastructure field.

We start from the differential factor that is always the human capital in all human endeavors, since it is the concrete people the ones who have the tools and the vision to respond to the technological challenges of the present and the challenges posed by society for the future. We estimate that the personal factor and the values that flow from it are the critical elements for the success of any initiative.

We study the right solution for each case based on its specific conditions, in a sector in which each project is necessarily a prototype, specifically designed keeping in mind its idiosyncrasy and integration for the environment, social and aesthetic of it.

The RG Civil Engineering team members estimate convenient to put the extensive background and expertise acquired to service of society and of man, according to social demands and current needs of the people and companies, inspired by the motto that the mathematician and professor at the business school of Harvard University, Howard Stevenson, summarized in his eloquent expression “Live the ripple”.

Notably, the Civil Engineering sector in Spain has traditionally enjoyed high prestige for its high level of demand and critical and creative spirit of its graduates, with schools such as Barcelona, Madrid and Santander among the best and most advanced the world, and that since the beginning gave trasdendentales figures such as Cerdà, Eduard Saavedra, Jose Echegaray, Eduardo Torroja, Leonardo Torres Quevedo, or more recently eminent personalities such as Homs Victoriano Muñoz and Carlos Fernández Casado.